“We offer stimulating courses that pique the curiosity, exercise the mind, and perhaps even help to awaken the spirit.”

Course reviews:

“Energetic, entertaining, engaging, and insightful!”

“Learning history and viewing art for the fun of it—why couldn't college have been like this!”

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Horizon Studies Directors:

Bruce Elliott, (Ph.D., UC Berkeley) teaches courses in European History at UC Berkeley and Stanford Continuing Studies. Dr. Elliott has a particular interest in the interplay of history and artistic expression in early modern Europe.

Douglas Kenning (Ph.D., Edinburgh) has pursued diverse careers in various parts of the world, and now divides his year between Sicily, where he runs Sicily Tour, leading history and myth-focused tours, and the Bay Area, where he gives lecture series on Mediterranean histories and cultures.

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Welcome to Horizon Studies:
Learning for the Third Stage of Life

Ancient teachings often combine practical wisdom with spiritual insight. Hindu tradition recognized that there are organic stages in the human life cycle. These stages are identified as:

  • Student
  • Householder
  • Forest-Dweller

First Stage: Student

In the Student stage, the young person begins to learn about life and acquires training that will be needed for the future. 

Second Stage: Householder

The Householder is fully engaged in the business of life — working hard at building a career and meeting family responsibilities. 

Third Stage: Forest-Dweller

In the Third Stage, that of Forest-Dweller, with children mostly grown, mature individuals begin to shift attention from the all-consuming tasks and responsibilities of the Householder and work towards gaining a broader knowledge of their world and a deeper understanding of their inner selves. This is the purpose of Lifelong Learning.

Our Mission

At Horizon Studies, our primary mission is to provide learning opportunities for women and men in this Third Stage of life. We offer stimulating courses that pique the curiosity, exercise the mind, and perhaps even help to awaken the spirit. 

Our instructors are Forest-Dwellers themselves, veterans of many years of University teaching, who are attuned to the special character of Lifelong Learning; sensitive to the importance of presenting meaningful content with enthusiasm, clarity, and a little panache.

Horizon Studies
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If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail at elliott@horizonstudies.org

Course reviews:

“The instructor really makes history come alive. The lectures were clear, loaded with information, and enthusiastically presented.”

“As a retired teacher, I give a high rating to any class in which the instructor is having as much fun as the students.”

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