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Horizon Studies Instructors:


Bruce Elliott (Ph.D., UC Berkeley) teaches courses in European History at UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University, and Stanford Continuing Studies. Dr. Elliott has a particular interest in the interplay of history and artistic expression in early modern Europe.

Douglas Kenning (Ph.D., Edinburgh) has pursued diverse careers in various parts of the world, and now divides his year between Sicily, where he runs Sicily Tour, leading history and myth-focused tours, and the Bay Area, where he gives lecture series on Mediterranean histories and cultures.

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Horizon Studies
Travel-Study Reviews

“Great trip—the professor’s daily lectures and ongoing commentary made everything we saw so much more meaningful. We heartily recommend Bruce’s trips to anyone."

“Dr. Elliott was fabulous! He has so much energy and enthusiasm for his subject. He also takes time to get to know his students—it was a unique pleasure just to spend two weeks with him.”

Horizon Studies
Douglas Kenning Reviews

“We have heard Dr. Kenning lecture on several subjects in the past few years. He is so knowledgeable with no haughtiness. His sense of humor is great. We have enjoyed every one of his classes.”

“I have been a student of this warm and enthusiastic educator for years in lifelong-learning classes. Douglas took one class on a journey through classic epic literature and I would turn my head to peer back at the other members of the class - viewing mouths agape and eyes shining as they listened to the ancient stories. People left the class committed to reading Homer and Virgil (Wow!)”

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Course reviews:

“Energetic, entertaining, engaging, and insightful!”

“As a retired teacher, I give a high rating to any class in which the instructor is having as much fun as the students.”

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